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mod post { checking in!

We miss you!

♡ Hello everyone! We're just checking in to see how everyone has been holding up. Neither of the mods have had much time to keep you guys updated on the site, but we really hope that everyone is doing well. If you would, we'd love to hear some suggestions on how we can keep this community more active! We realize it's getting harder in this day and age to keep an lj community up and running smoothly, but we're hesitant to move the community or restrict it to our tumblr (especially since live journal works better for discussions). If you've got any ideas, please comment below. If not, tell us what's been keeping you so busy! We'd love to learn more about everyone; I know there's a lot of cool people hanging around on our humble comm! xx
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poll { challenge?

Hey everyone; hope everyone's having a good month! We'd appreciate your participation in the polls below, if you've got the time! x

If we did a Valentine's Day theme challenge, would you participate?

Maybe; depends on the challenge.

What kind of challenge would you prefer?

Gift Exchange (fic, graphics, art, etc.)
Fanfiction Challenge
Fanmix Challenge
I have another idea (post in comment section).
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news { cameron ocasio on law & order svu

♡ Just some cool news about Cameron Ocasio, who was on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit way back in 2011. I actually saw the episode on tv, but I'm pretty sure this episode (Season 13: Lost Traveler) can be found if you poke around online long enough. Anyways, I just thought it was cool that he actually was on other shows before Sam & Cat. I thought they plucked him out of nowhere.

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other { happy new year!

from the mods

We hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and that the year ahead will be phenomenal like all of you!

And just to make this more fitting for our community, here's a question to answer in the comment section of this post:

What do you hope will happen on Sam & Cat this year?
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game { sam & cat ficathon!


 photo samcatgODGETOUT_zpsbb0841a0.gif

♡ Hey babes! x Sorry we haven't been around much (seems like we apologize for that a lot, actually...), but, seeing as both mods are busy with school and have only just finished up finals, we're hoping you'll cut us some slack. Originally, we'd planned to do a Secret Santa on the community, but we heard through the grapevine that that was already A Thing on tumblr, so we're doing a Holiday Ficathon instead. So check out the rules below and then go participate in the holiday fun!

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